Tyre Pressure Advice

How to check tyre pressure

It is essential for safety and maximising the life of a tyre to check the tyre pressures regularly. Under or over inflated tyres will affect the cars handling, fuel efficiency and adversely shorten the life of your car tyres.

Checking the pressure can be performed without an appointment by calling into us at Sunset Tyres 43 Parcel Terrace, Derby, DE1 1LY

If your checking your own tyre pressures make sure to use a suitable well maintained gauge. Your vehicle may indicate one of two pressures depending on whether the vehicle is being used fully loaded with people and luggage or not. Your vehicle will have a sticker from the manufacturer indicating the correct pressures for the two load levels. This sticker is usually on the drivers door frame or fuel flap. There are two main units to measure tyre pressures so your sticker may indicate PSI or Bar as a measurement unit.

Tyre pressures should be checked every week to ensure that you are not unknowingly driving on poorly inflated tyres. Ideally, check the tyres when they are cold for a more accurate reading and don't forget to check the spare tyre.