Tyron Band Fitting


Tyron Runflat Protection - Buy Online

The patented Tyron runflat protection system can be fitted here at Sunset Tyres. The system allows the driver to retain control of their vehicle in the event of a blow-out. Fitted in the wheel recess the Tyron MultiBand ensures that the tyre remains on the wheel rim allowing you to safely pull over to enable a wheel change.

All vehicle wheels have a recess which allows the tyre to be removed and fitted. Without this recess it is impossible to get a tyre on and off the rim. This recess becomes the issue when there is a blow out as the tyre is able to completely come off the rim leaving you trying to control a vehicle purely on the wheel rims.

As an authorised fitting centre we can ensure your Tyron Multibands are supplied to the correct size and fitted using the Tyron fitting equipment. If you are interested in having this extra safety feature fitted to your caravan or motorhome wheels simply choose your rim size below and complete the check-out form we will then contact you to arrange fitment.