Understanding Tyre Markings

In order to get you the correct tyre we may need you to review the markings that appear on the sidewall of your tyres.

Cars can have different sizes of tyres on the front and rear so if your shopping for a full set then please review both axles of the vehicle.


In addition to the size of tyre we also have to consider the speed rating and whether the vehicle has run flat tyres fitted.

For performance vehicles there can also be a homologation specific version of the tyre for your vehicle.

Understanding Your Tyres
Tyre Size
Your tyre size is made up of WIDTH, PROFILE & RIM DIAMETER
Tyre Speed
Only replace with same or higher speed rating
Runflat Tyres
Check for runflat markings, i.e. RUNFLAT, RFT,ZP,SSR or ROF
Homologation Markings
Check for homologation marking if high performance vehicle
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Speed Ratings

The speed rating of your replacement tyres should be the same or higher rated. If fitting lower than the vehicle specification please check with your insurer.

Manufacturer Tyre Homologation Codes

Some tyres have been designed in conjunction with the vehicle manufacturer to ensure the best performance and tuning for the vehicle set up. For high performance vehicles we have access to technical data to ensure you can choose the exact version of a tyre for your vehicle. Please call Sunset Tyres Dealer on 01332 296916.

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