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Looking After Your Tyres

Looking after your tyres will help you keep safe and get the best lifetime use to ensure that you are not prematurely replacing tyres with some simple maintenance tips.

Tyre Pressures

Under inflation can increase your fuel costs and cause premature wear on the tyres. Underinflated tyres tend to scrub the tread on both the inner and outer edges which have less tread to begin with than the middle. An over-inflated tyre will cause premature wear on the centre part of the tread.

You can look up your tyre pressures on the TyreSafe website

Car Servicing & Repairs In Derby

Checking Tread Depth

By law the driver must ensure that each tyre is above the minimum tread depth of 1.6mm across the centre  three quarters of tread

20p Test

20p Test

Insert 20p coin into tread and if below edging call in for a tyre check

Wheel Alignment At Sunset

As part of your weekly tyre check we recommend that you review how the tyres are wearing on both the front and rear axles. 

If you are satisfied that you have been running your tyres at the correct pressure and find that they are still wearing on one edge we can carry out an alignment check for you. The check is free and there is no obligation to have an adjustment. Simply book online and we'll review how your tyres are wearing.

Tyre Rotation At Sunset

If you would like to arrange to rotate your tyres and wheels simply book in online. Sunset Tyres Dealer

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