Sunset - Fuel Saving Tips

If you’re keen to be kinder to the environment, and your pocket, there are lots of little fuel saving actions that can add up to make a big difference to your motoring bills. Regular servicing and ensuring your engine is topped up with the correct oil can make the biggest difference. Click here to learn more about our servicing options and plans at Sunset!

Correctly inflated tyres can improve fuel consumption by as much as 2%, according to RAC stats. Check your handbook (or inside the driver’s door) to find out the optimum PSI for your vehicle, and top up regularly. Well maintained tyres are essential for safe, economical driving!

A lighter car is a more economical car, so regularly declutter to save fuel. Removing unnecessary items from your boot really adds up… and did you know that taking down an unused roof rack and storage box can save as much as 20% on fuel too? All by helping keep your vehicle more aerodynamic!

Did you know that and both allow you to search for the cheapest petrol or diesel in your area? A little research can help you save a lot at the pumps.